What are the benefits that come from investiture?

Discounted Food:  Affordable access to healthy food (fresh, local, certified organic, certified humane, and certified Halal at a huge discount):

  • Members of Faith Communities receive a 30% discount all season long (spring-fall) if they give their Faith Community a donation (minimum donation amount to qualify is set by their Faith Community; and must show donation receipt letter from their Faith Community to access the 30% discount).

  • Parents & Staff of Faith-based Private Schools receive a 40% discount all season long (spring-fall) if their school that incorporates environmental stewardship & sustainable food production projects at the farm in their middle and/or high school curriculum.

Nutritional Education for the Faith Community and/or Faith-based Private School community members.

  • Professional instruction by nutritionist/dietician on healthy eating, and efficient meal prep techniques to preserve maximum nutritional benefit

  • With guided implementation of the Faithful Families Eating Smart & Moving More curriculum (FFESMM)

A ‘Third Space’ for their youth with access to the farm’s grounds for various activities such as: 

  • Camping (Tents/Yurt/Open Campfire)

  • Spiritual & Scriptural Knowledge Retreats

  • Community Picnics

  • Sports Tournaments

  • Skills (Archery/Paint Ball)

  • Activism Training Seminars

Free Food: the Faith Community/Faith-based Private School will be assigned growing space to grow food for:

  • Feeding the poor and needy in their congregation, or neighborhood

  • Selling it to raise funds for the faith community’s expenses

  • Using it as incentive for their activities (by offering free organic food/meals)

Neutral Ground Venue: The invested Faith Community/Faith-based Private School can use the farm for community picnics, social events, celebrations, school trips and interfaith activities - either free or discounted (depending on total event costs).

  • Faith and Modern Society: a discussion of social, economic, political, and moral/ethical issues

  • Environmental Stewardship

  • Food System Documentaries

  • Health and Wellness Documentaries

Entrepreneurship: Priority consideration given to youth from invested Faith Community/Faith-based Private School for apprenticeship & internship opportunities

  • Priority consideration for the Good Tree Farm local food-economy focused Agribusiness Incubator Program

  • Guided business establishment and entrepreneurship mentoring through a structured program with instruction in ethical business design and implementation

Profit Sharing Commission Agreement

  • Members of the farm team share 40% of the profits every year through the profit sharing commission agreement

  • Priority given to members of the Muslim community and parents of students at Islamic School to:

    1. generate additional income to support their families and

    2. provide their community or school with delivery service of the farm’s products.

Annual Revenue: Invested Faith Community/Faith-based Private School receive an annual revenue from their share of Good Tree Farm profits (see business plan slide)

How does The Good Tree Farm Project benefit?

The Good Tree Inc. (tax-exempt 501c3):

•       Achieves a key target in its charitable purpose – which is helping those who qualify (the poor, marginalized, disenfranchised, and disadvantaged in society) with affordable healthy food.

•       Establishes a wider support base among Faith Communities/Faith-based Private Schools for environmental stewardship; social justice in healthy food access, and sustainable organic food production practices

•       Provides mentorship support for Faith Community youth through the farm’s agribusiness incubator program

•       Promotes engagement and activism of Faith Community/Faith-based Private School members with the critical issues of agriculture and food production, environmental degradation and climate change

 Crescent Farmland of New Egypt, LLC:

•       New investment funds allow it to complete necessary infrastructure for high return value-added production and increases the market value of the capital asset (the 55 acres)

•       Constructs farm labor housing on the farm

•       Increases investment value by installing renewable energy systems (solar/ wind hybrid) 

Good Tree Farm of New Egypt, LLC:

•       Realizes the "corporate social responsibility" portion of its business plan

•       Benefits from a wide support base with greater market penetration

•       Realizes greater revenue potential due to increased stakeholder support and value-added infrastructure

•       Reduces operating cost by using renewable energy at the farm

•       Constructs shipping container greenhouses for year-round food production

•       Establishes the value-addition infrastructure for high value products