To raise donations to help Faith Communities, Faith-based Private Schools (and Montessori schools), Disadvantaged Minorities and First Nations become part owners of, and benefit from, a 55 acre organic farm in central Jersey.

Target Amount:                a minimum of $5,980 per 501c3

Start:   Thursday March 1st         

Finish:  Tuesday December 31st

For tax-deductible donation receipt letters, donate before December 31 .

What is The Good Tree Farm Project, and who am I? 

1)      The Good Tree Farm Project is an empowerment and engagement project comprised of three legally distinct entities

a.       The Good Tree Inc (GTI) is a tax-exempt 501c3 charitable non-profit  [www.thegoodtreeinc.org]  See relevant documents here.

b.        Crescent Farmland of New Egypt (CF) is an LLC that owns 55 acres of organic farmland.  See relevant documents here.

c.       Good Tree Farm of New Egypt (GTF) is an LLC leasing the 55 acres from CF and operating as a profit/loss agribusiness: [wwwgoodtreefarm.com]  See relevant documents here.

The three entities are working together to empower people of faith and minorities to increase their engagement and activism in:

·   Sustainable, organic food production

·   Environmental stewardship

·   Food justice and healthy food access

2)      Hisham Moharram; the founder.  See resume here.   


What are we doing? 

Empowering Faith Communities and Faith-based Private Schools by giving them:

  1. ownership in a business that can generate profit annually www.goodtreefarm.com

  2. ownership in 55 acres farm - the value of which is appreciating every ear

  3. educational use and recreational access benefits at the farm

  4. affordable access to organic food

  5. entrepreneurial mentorship & agribusiness apprenticeships/internships